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Monday, September 5, 2011

Dream bigger.. at Home Depot.

Today, I got the chance to go to Home Depot, sans hubby, to pick up a paint palette for my daughter to start picking a color for her room.  Current room, recently redone with flooring, and the bunk is gone, but still way too pink since she is no longer 5 years old.  She tagged along, and we browsed different areas, because, I never get time to do this when I'm with him.  He goes in there on a mission and it's get what he is after, and gone.  Me, I don't know what I want, I want to see & dream & what if (I had an unlimited supply of cash to do what I wanted)!  We just started the project in the past month, of redoing our main floor in hardwood laminate, to get rid of some nasty carpeting that was harboring allergens that were killing my eldest child.  Last school year.. 32 sick days.  Yes, you saw that right.  Most were from allergy flareups that she could barely function.  We are working to solve this problem, tho it's taking longer that I thought it would.  I mean, you read that you can order the installation when you get the flooring.. so you figure ok, they could have it done in a day, why can't you?  Yea, not so much.  A month later, (working pretty much weekends only, due to commute times during the week and just wanting to be comatose after dinner) we have 3 rooms and a hallway done.  Our bedroom, and the living room is to be last.  In the mean time, it's a bit of chaos up there in the living room, where the flooring is being stored, and much of the sawing took place. 
So, yes, the distraction was nice today, dreaming of the beauty that would be ours eventually, when this is all done.  When we were picking our flooring out, we had a tight budget, and we had a good idea of what we wanted.  The one thing I wished I could have had, was a *shiny* wood floor.  I was told that the only way we'd get that, is if we got REAL wood flooring, which is about 10x our budget.  So, I was pretty happy with our selection anyway, it matches our cupboards & kitchen table pretty well.  Until I was browsing the samples in the flooring area, and lo & behold, there was a laminate hardwood floor that was *shiny*!  Well, I took the sample, just to show him and say.. nyaaaaa nyaaaaaa.. it's shiny, and laminate!  I know that it was a much nicer floor than we could have afforded anyway, but in my little head, all I could think of was.. *ooh, shiny*  The trip wasn't a total waste tho.. I did get some new florescent bulbs we needed, the paint palette for the little one to ponder for a week, a light fixutre idea for my kitchen (that will require more work of hubby!), ideas for cabinetry, interior door, chair rail, and knowledge that they do not carry hampers in the store. Bah.

Leaving the store, I saw the privacy fencing lined up along the exterior of the store.  Hmmm.. which one do I like? 

Oh, and the oldest child, she had her colors picked & walls painted already.  Her sister is NOT allowed to copy her. She picked Teal & Ice Blue trim.  Pretty, isn't it?

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